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Candidate Information Portal

This page will be updated frequently as we prepare for the 2024 Miss Seattle Scholarship Competition.

Please check this page frequently for updates, documents, and information!

This is where candidates will complete all of the paperwork required to participate in our 2024 Miss Seattle Scholarship Competition. NOTE: A password is required to access this page. Please reach out to the Miss Seattle board for this password.

This is an example of a candidate fact sheet. This is a part of the required contestant paperwork.

This document provides the instructions for the Community Service Initiative statement. This is a part of the required contestant paperwork.

Information for 2024 Program Book Ad Sales

These are basic charts of how we will hold each  phase of stage competition. We will adjust as necessary once we get to the venue. Walking patterns will be practiced during our two in-person rehearsals.

Videos and audio for our opening production number.

The password for this page is the same as for the contestant paperwork page.

Two scholarships are available, $250 for Miss AND $250 for Teen. This scholarship focuses on the sisterhood that comes with competing in a Miss America Organization pageant and is available to all contestants.

Application for the Cox Family Memorial Scholarship for Diversity and Inclusion. This scholarship is a minimum of $250 and is open to Teen and Miss candidates who represent a minority or marginalized background.

Application for the Joell Posey Grager Perseverance Award. This scholarship is for $250 and is open to Teen and Miss candidates who have overcome adversity in their lives and demonstrated perseverance.

Competition schedules! Please print these out and pay close attention to them! We stick to the schedules very strictly and have designed them to use your time wisely.

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