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Candidate Information Portal

This page will be updated frequently as we prepare for the 2023 Miss Seattle Scholarship Competition.

Please check this page frequently for updates, documents, and information!

This is where candidates will find all of the paperwork required to participate in our 2023 Miss Seattle Scholarship Competition.

This set of instructions is direct from Miss America's Outstanding Teen and has detailed instructions for how to format resume and social impact initiative statements.

MISS CANDIDATES: You may format a resume in any style, font, size, spacing, and content. You can follow the same guidelines as teens  for social impact initiative statements.

This is an example of a candidate resume and social impact initiative essay for a MISS candidate.

2023 Walking Patterns

(Not yet available)

These are basic charts of how we will hold each  phase of stage competition. We will adjust as necessary once we get to the venue. Walking patterns will be practiced during our two in-person rehearsals.

2023 Opening Number Choreography

(Not yet available)

This choreography is what we will use for the opening production number. We will rehearse this during our in-person rehearsals and will also review during the rehearsal at the theater on March 26. Please take the time to learn this choreography in advance!

Wardrobe Suggestions

(Not yet available)


Wardrobe selection is a great way to show the judges and audience some of your personality throughout the different phases of competition. This document provides some helpful suggestions of what you may want to wear for the competition.

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